Street Fragments
Photography by Vanda Ralevska


“Street-photography is kind of an endless pursuit of a perfect moment, that you can’t really imagine in your head, but when you see it somehow you realize: that’s it. You develop a sort of hyper alertness and you try and fit into the flow and into the energy of the street.”
Nina Berman

Streets are an amazing source of inspiration. Anything can happen at any time. Street entertainers, passers-by, a moment of kindness, or fun and laughter, moments of sadness. The interplay of shadows, reflections, puddles on the pavement, a sudden shaft of light in a back alley, unexpected beauty in a little detail. That is not to mention pastel tones of a sunrise or fiery colours of a sunset, so often set against the city skyline.

After several years spent observing and capturing life in the streets, I have decided to start this photoblog about those moments that often happen in a split second. The moments that are continually being created by life, and are constantly vanishing, never to be seen again. It is about endless walks through the streets and taking joy from the unexpected, wherever I happen to be.

Street Fragments